Boda Boda Rider Builds Plane-Like Vehicle

  • A jua kali artisan from Webuye, Bungoma county, has built a plane-like motorcycle. He disclosed that he used metal, iron sheets, a motorbike engine and other materials in the construction of the ‘helicopter’.

    Engineer, as other artisans refer to him, only has a primary school level of education, completing it in 2006 at a local primary school in Vihiga County. He plans to install luxurious seats, a 32-inch television, Wi-Fi, a fridge and carpet.

    He stated that when he begun construction, he had in mind fellow jua kali artisans and other people who were also struggling. 

    Engineer, a Jua Kali Artisan Sits Inside His Helicopter.
    ‘Engineer’, a Jua Kali Artisan Sits Inside His Helicopter.

    “I thought of how to set it up and how to help those who have the artisan skills but lack financial backing,” he stated.

    He called on other artisans to be more competitive while still working together to build the nation.

    Although he admitted that he amassed a number of debts in the construction of the structure,  he wanted to prove that financial constraints do not limit the creativity of artisans.

    The youthful artisan disclosed his plans to move across the Western Region spreading messages of peace ahead of 2022.

    ‘Engineer’ revealed that he also thought of President Kenyatta who according to him has helped Kenya as a country.

    On the ‘helicopter’, is a written message expressing gratitude towards the head of state for caring for Kenyans.

    “Thank you Chief Commander  for uniting Kenyans. Go on uniting Kenya and Africa and Worldwide [sic],” read the writing at the tail end of the machine.

    In addition, the Webuye artisan wants the president to help Kenyans who are facing difficult times. 

    An Undated Image of the 'Helicopter' Built By the Webuye Jua Kali Artisan.
    An Undated Image of the ‘Helicopter’ Built By the Webuye Jua Kali Artisan.