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Billionaire Peter Nduati Blacklisted by CRB Over Ksh1K Loan

Billionaire Peter Nduati Blacklisted by CRB Over Ksh1K Loan

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  • Kenyan billionaire Peter Nduati has gone to court and filed a case against a mobile money lending app that ‘erroneously’ listed his name with CRB for defaulting on a Ksh1000 loan that he says he never took.

    Nduati, who is the founder of Resolution Health and the CEO of Centric Air, is said to be have been worth over Ksh3 Billion in 2015.

    The business mogul was not aware of the listing until when his company (Centric Air) was in the last stages of acquiring a loan.

    Kenyan businessman Peter Nduati

    Nduati took to Twitter to explain his frustration in dealing with a matter that he never knew existed.

    The relevant bank declined to approve the loan on the basis that he was listed as a defaulter with the CRB.

    I am very particular in maintaining a good credit score because I use leverage for investing. The bank could not disclose who had listed me and referred me to CRB,” he revealed.

    Nduati goes to explain that after visiting the CRB he as told that only the money lender could clear his name from the list.

    He reveals that he CRB informed him that he was listed in December 2018.

    The lending app claimed that the number that was blacklisted was linked to the billionaires I.D.

    He later stated that he received a call from CRB to inform him the mobile app had cleared his name and he was off the list.

    But still, he had to fight for his credit score as it says that the billionaire has a 40 per cent chance of defaulting a loan.

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