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BBC Exposé: NTSA Goes After Driving Schools

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has for the first time responded to a BBC exposé which cast a cloud of doubt on the legitimacy of how some driving licenses were acquired.

    Speaking to the press on Tuesday, March 22, the authority’s head of motor vehicle inspection Gerald Wangai noted that they have already launched investigations into the matter.

    He added that the probe is being conducted by a department within the authority headed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

    Wangai assured that rogue driving schools and individuals would be dealt with as per the law adding that dismissal was not off the table.

    An image of citizens getting services at NTSA offices

    “The authority has received that information and we have a department headed by the DCI at the NTSA and we will take steer action on anyone found culpable even if it means dismissal.

    “Even the driving schools found to be culpable will be dealt with sternly,†he told Capital FM.

    This comes days after the BBC exposé showing that a number of shadowy drivers were putting lives of million of Kenyans at risk, since they lack proper training.

    In the clip, the undercover journalist exposed a syndicate that saw illegitimate drivers acquire licenses without training.

    The two undercover journalists, who have not been behind the wheel at any point in their life, managed to get licenses without having to sit the drivers’ test as required by law.

    A number of driving schools were exposed as being complicit in dishing out the fake smart driving licenses.

    The as extended all the way to NTSA’s headquarters in Upper Hill as the unmasked training institutions were working with the agency to issue licenses.

    The driving schools, in response to the broadcaster, however, denied knowledge of the rot arguing that the perpetrators were not their staffers nor had they been contracted.

    NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.
    NTSA Director General George Njao addresses delegates at a past event.

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