Badi Under Pressure to Tame Rogue Askaris

An image of traders running from county askaris
  • Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) boss General Mohammed Badi has been put on the spot over rogue county askaris due to their brutality in the recent past to traders and hawkers. 

    The issues were raised by the traders and Nairobi Deputy Majority whip Waithera Chege who condemned the recent actions allegedly carried out by the askaris.

    Recent reports reveal that a hawker was accosted by askaris after he allegedly failed to pay Ksh100 as he had Ksh20 at the time.

    An image of traders running from county askaris

    The hawker lost all his teeth after he was allegedly handcuffed and whipped by the askaris. 

    “A few days ago, a hawker lost all his teeth after he was allegedly handcuffed and brutally beaten with a metal rod by county askaris before they exited the scene in a county registered vehicle,” Chege stated.

    “In a modern civilized society, such heinous actions by government officers should not be entertained,” 

    Chege added that the situation has been handed over to the County Assembly Justice and Legal Affairs committee which will put to task NMS and City Hall over the pertinent issue. 

    The committee is expected to find out whether an investigation into the conduct of the officers has taken place and if so submit a report on the same. 

    Further, the committee is expected to come up with measures against the officers in order to end cases of brutality by city officers. 

    Chege also cited an incident in 2014 where a hawker almost lost his eyesight at the hands of county askaris. 

    “I urge this assembly to do whatever is necessary, within its powers, to protect Nairobi residents against rogue inspectorate officers,†she stated.

    The concerns have been raised by the public over alleged brutality by the askaris. This led to NMS partnering with the National Police Service in order to train at least 1,000 of them as part of reforms.

    A file image of city hall
    A file image of city hall