Auctioneers Stopped From Seizing Items in Ngiricis’ Home in Karen

Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici pictured addressing a forum on March 5, 2020
  • Auctioneers were temporarily stopped by a court from seizing household items belonging to Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici.

    The auctioneers from NSC had raided her Karen home on Monday, August 9, in a bid to seize goods worth Ksh 5 million over a debt of a similar amount owed to Flex Air Charters.

    The order was issued by Principal Magistrate D.M Kivuti on Friday, August 13.

    Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici pictured addressing a forum on March 5, 2020

    “that there be a temporary stay of execution pending further directions of the court, and that the application be served upon the respondents (Purity and her husband Andrew Ngirici) for interparties directions on August 23, 2021,†Kivuti stated.

    Ngirici had hired helicopters between May 8 and August 17, 2016, during her campaigns which accumulated to a Ksh5.9 million debt.

    Speaking about the matter, the Woman Rep alleged that she was not aware of the matter until auctioneers landed at her home on Monday.

    “The auctioneers descended at my residence and took away all the household items including a Ksh2 million television sets.

    “The whole thing is political; these were my enemies at play. The statement I made over the weekend has really touched them,†she added.

    Ngirici’s husband, Andrew Ngirici, claimed that he is an astute businessman who had invested in real estate projects. He added that the house raided by the auctioneers belonged to one of his tenants.

    “I want to put the record straight, I am a businessman who owns a house in Karen, and if auctioneers have raided my tenant, that is not me. I don’t stay in Karen, I stay in Muthaiga. 

    “If there is anyone who has any issue with me, he or she should come straight to me, but so far no one has come forward concerning the issue. Those are haters, sellouts seeking to soil our names,” Andrew stated. 

    Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici (left) with Deputy President William Ruto (right) at a past event