ATWOLI Says Those Who Ridiculed SONKO’S Lion Statue “Ni WATU WASHENZI”

ATWOLI Says Those Who Ridiculed SONKO’S Lion Statue “Ni WATU WASHENZI”

By Steve Wafula

COTU Secretary General FRANCIS ATWOLI has bashed a section of Kenyans on Twitter popularly known as KOT who ridiculed the unfinished lion statue that Sonko was establishing in CBD.

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Bramwel Mwololo on his popular talk show Mazungumuzo Wazi Wazi, Atwoli who ranks himself third most powerful man in Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga, said those that pre-empted Sonko’s giant lion statue should be ashamed of themselves.

He asked haters to be patient with governor Sonko and give him ample time to9 deliver the promises he made to the Nairobians. He said what Sonko has already achieved after one year, failed to achieve in five years.

I was disgusted when I saw a small section of WATU WASHENZI take it to social media to ridicule the lion statue that was still under construction by the governor. Even if you don’t like Sonko, you must give him time to work instead of making endless noise over whatever he does. What Sonko has achieved in one year, his predecessor failed to achieve in five years” He said.

Atwoli said as far as world lion statuaries are concerned, Sonko’s sculpture stands out. He said having visited more than twenty countries with lion statues, the newly established Nairobi golden lion is among the best.

I have visited a lot of countries in the world including those with lion statues and I can tell you for a fact that Sonko’s lion is second to none. For example, I have been to German where there is Hercules and the Nemean Lion. You cannot compare it with sonko’s. Look at the two bronze Art Institute Lions in Chicago, they are not better than that of Sonko. I have been to Switzerland where there is the Lion Monument in Lucerne, it is more ugly that our own here. In fact, it is sleeping. I have visited London where there is Nelson’sColumn. The two lion statues are just like this one of ours. I can’t mention all. The governor of Nairobi must be given easy time to serve the people of Nairobi” He added.


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