Anyone justifying murder is mentally sick, women’s sexual lives must be respected

Anyone justifying murder is mentally sick, women’s sexual lives must be respected

Here is a new criteria for blocking toxic people: anyone justifying murder. Block their ass.

You can call out what you think is bad behaviour in women, but under no circumstances should you think it is right for men to murder women.

As I said earlier, these things always sound so distant, far removed until they happen to your loved one.

We like to bury our heads in sand. But we send young kids to campus, with little to no pocket money. To survive, some gamble, some take to crime(white collar/blue collar), our young ladies sometimes are driven to a life to fend for themselves.

I deal with students. Many come from poor and broken families. And along the way, they can pick bad habits, but we should know the underlying issues.

We are quick to condemn, but do you ever stop to think about how sick our economy is and what options families have at their disposal.

You have heard of the joke that for most of us, when we used to receive our HELB money, we had to share to with family members. I know many guys who even used the money to build homes for their parents.

It is not easy.

Kids will make mistakes.

The much we can do is to guide them.

The drug epidemic, the sponsorship culture(something so overblown out of proportion), gambling are all symptoms of a diseased country.

We are not going to solve anything if we wear moralistic hats and start pontificating bullshit, feeling holier-than-thou. Most men who complain about sponsors are mostly broke.

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If you are going to condemn women’s sexual lives, be decent enough to remember they don’t sleep with themselves. And it takes two to tango.

It is 2019 guys.


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