AMINA MOHAMMED the samantha of education is flip flopping

AMINA MOHAMMED the samantha of education is flip flopping

By Jerome Ogola

She is obviously overwhelmed by this ministry and should be handed lighter duties

She is too unsteady for such a demanding ministry. I hope I haven’t in any way suggested that a Dr Belio Kipsang replaces her because he is part of the problem and cannot be a solution

Amina stands for nothing and falls for anything

Neither should Prof Magoha, as his dictatorial tendencies would work well in a military barracks and not in the education docket where consultation is a critical component

Away from education we go to Moi Barracks

Recruits are reporting today. As we all know, the Kenyan military is for the elite. It is a “do you know anybody?” where connections are paramount

You need a brigadier uncle to canvass for you or at 300k to buy admission to RTS. If you come from a home too poor to own even one chivken and if your most successful uncle is a brick maker, who cannot help you get anything apart from a brick, then you will only see that military uniform via Viusasa

Yours will be to attend such recruitment in the district headquarters, where the sons of the poor are ordered to undress and run naked in the field, exposing their protruding belly buttons, denoting poor antenatal care

This happens as a formality as the slots are long dished to the owners. The children the poor provide very good entertainment to the recruiting team, as they run to death powered by the urge to escape poverty

They then return home, to do menial jobs, the only they qualify for, as they await the passout parade, so the can attend and cheer as the real owners of Kenya graduate

As someone noted, the only thing you can get in Kenya, without connections, is AIDS and even to get food in a funeral, one must be connected. You are doomed if you aren’t connected

That is the truth. Why should we lie, when we can say the truth? It is in such moments that we feel sympathetic to Al Shabaab. In the coming days, we will be teaching our children to join Al Shabaab and such groups, just to get an opportunity to attack our government and its forces made of children of the rich

Of course the beneficiaries of this skewed system, will react very volatile to this but that won’t stop me from telling you the truth. It is expected of them. Someone who has just released dangerous gases into the air, from his exhaust pipe, is always very ready to put up a fight, should anyone suggest they are responsible for the foul smell

The Luo, say “jakuodho oyie dhao!”

Good morning my fellow Southerners


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