September 28, 2022

Comedian Oga Obinna and Mama Alola have 3 kids together if I am not wrong. And just think about it – would a man really have 3 kids with a woman he doesn’t adore? And would a woman be willing to start a family actually have more than one kid with a man see’s no future with? Absolutely no.

Well for this reason – I want to take you back to the happy times Oga Obinna used to have with Mama Alola next to him. From the photos, we also understand these two started dating when they both had nothing but back then – love was sweeter compared to now that they’ve made it.

When you hear people say money changes people – I want to believe that this is what happened between these two. You see with money, the fella gets more attractive, the ladies starts throwing themselves at him; Aki shetani ni mbaya and when you’re just having fun, your partner gets insecure – kidogo kidogo argument and it’s over.

Love and poverty hand in hand?

Well not that I know what led to their breakup but all I know is that after money started coming in – things changed. And Don’t tell me I am watching too many soap opera…

Actually, I prefer movies where I know in 2 hours I would have seen another woman’s life transform after bagging herself a millionaire. Give myself some false hopes…


It’s easier that way…I mean imagine watching a whole espanol soap opera where they keep you guessing when you already know how it’ll end. Like…dude I know Soledad will end up with Diego….somebody needs to change the script mehn.

Anyway back to the Obinna. Do you know that there’s a time these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I’m pretty sure they had those babe umekula? Umekula nini leo moments  and Leo hii….the same people can’t stand each other.


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