Aisha Jumwa’s Woes Deepen As Lawyers Charge Ksh22.6 Million

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa speaking durnig an event in 2018.
  • Malindi Member of Parliament  Aisha Jumwa’s woes have deepened as lawyers now demand Ksh22.6 million incurred from an election petition challenging her win in the 2017 General Election. 

    Aoko Otieno and Associates have sent the multimillion bill to the MP, demanding payment for successfully defending her in the case. 

    The total cost demanded by the law firm is in line with requirements issued by any lawyer after representing a client.

    According to the legal requirements, once a case is concluded, a lawyer usually prepares a client bill in form of an application showing all the charges. This happens mostly when the client is reluctant to pay for the legal services.

    Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa speaking during an event in 2018.
    Daily Nation

    The detailed application is then presented to a taxing officer who assesses the costs before writing a final report on what is owed to the lawyer.

    Once the final decision is reached, the lawyer is allowed to enforce means to recover the money from the client.

    In Jumwa’s case, Aoko Otieno and Associates have filed an appeal at the Malindi High Court.

    “Take notice that the bill of costs dated August 4 2021 lodged in the High Court by the applicant (Aoko Otieno Associates) will be taxed on October 5, 2021,†part of the notice read.

    In 2017, Jumwa emerged victorious over another case with lawyers. The High Court struck out a petition by Ernest Hinzano challenging Jumwa’s victory, saying it was filed too late.

    “The petition I am called upon to consider was improperly brought before the court and is to that extent invalid, null and void,†Justice Otieno said, adding that the petition did not merit the court’s attention.

    In the latest battle between Jumwa and lawyers, lawyers Danstan Omari, Jared Magolo, Shadrack Wambui, and Titus Kirui refused to surrender defense records they had planned on using until the MP paid them on August 11.

    Chief Magistrate Edna Nyaloti had summoned the lawyers on over the stalled case Ksh20 million graft case.

    The presiding judge ordered the state to provide the new defence lawyers led by Cliff Ombeta and Duncan Osoro with new documents on the Jumwa case.

    File image of lawyer Danstan Omari outside a Nairobi Court in 2019
    Renowned lawyer Danstan Omari outside a Nairobi Court in 2019