October 3, 2022

I have noticed that most women who part ways with their first baby daddies barely recover and move on.

You doubting me? Look at your close friends who’ve broken up with their baby’s father…again look at the celebrities starting with Amber Ray, Cashy, lets just say Karen Nyamu got lucky after bagging herself a man like Samidoh….like Alai hinted Karen ni moto wa kuotea mbali and if anything Samidoh ndio aliangukiwa.

Anyway that brings us to Brenda Wairimu who is the mother of Juliani’s firstborn daughter – a love child they had back when dating. Okay by now i’m pretty sure some of yall dont recall the relationship – probably because social media wasnt as cool as it is right or better yet – back then (2014’ish) no one cared about celebrity relationships.

Well like the story goes Juliani and Brenda Wairimu fell in love had a baby and broke up – more of like a shelf timed relationship that ended as soon as reality started sinking in.

Juliani’s baby mama finally moves on

However after the breakup seems like Brenda completely shut off every other potential man until just recently when she shared an adorable photo enjoying some comfort in another man’s arms.

Brenda Wairimu with alleged bae

Although we cant tell the nature of their relationship all i know is that- its not every day we see ladies sharing such photos on their social media pages; so yea chances are that he is the lucky man to have convinced Brenda Wairimu on matters about love after her first nasty heartbreak.

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