May 28, 2022
Two tents at Mahali Mzuri in Masai Mara
  • Investment in Kenya by foreigners has increased exponentially over the past few years and this can be attributed to the friendly business that the country offers.

    Foreign billionaires have invested in various sectors of the economy including hospitality, education, energy, real estate just to name a few. takes a look at billionaires who have heavily invested in Kenya.

    Richard Branson

    British billionaire and Virgin Atlantic President Richard Branson owns the Mahali Mzuri Safari Camp, located in Masai Mara Game Reserve. 

    The hotel has 12 well-furnished tents that can accommodate 2 guests each, bringing to a total of 24 guests at any given time.

    Each tent has a massive deck that offers exclusive views of the sprawling Savanah grasslands.

    According to the hotel website, Mahali Mzuri charges Ksh107,400 ($945) per person, per night for guests visiting during low seasons, Ksh172,750 ($1520) per person for peak seasons, and Ksh161,950 ($1425) for people who also want to go for game drives.

    Two tents at Mahali Mzuri in Masai Mara.

    Michael Spencer

    British billionaire philanthropist Michael Alan Spencer owns the Sarai House, a lodge in Borana Conservancy in Laikipia County.

    The property sits on a secluded 250-acre estate, surrounded by indigenous forests, hills, plains and aims at providing a suitable ecosystem for endangered species.

    Spending a night at the facility will set you back at least Ksh1.16 million and guests are required to reside for at least three nights, tripling the cost to at least Ksh3.48 million

    As if that is not enough, visitors reportedly have to answer a few personal questions to be allowed on the premises, as highlighted in an article by UK’s Sunday Times in 2016.

    The questions, which have to be answered satisfactorily include; What elements best describe you? What is your best culinary experience? Why do you want to know more about us? and Who recommended you to us?

    File image of Sirai House in Laikipia County.
    File image of Sirai House in Laikipia County.

    Stephen Jennings

    Stephen Jennings is one of the richest individuals who are running firms worth trillions in Kenya.

    He is the biggest investor in Tatu City through the Rendeavour Group and is in charge of developing the project, a 5,000-acre Special Economic Zone (SEZ). 

    The Tatu City project comprises; homes, schools, offices, a shopping district, medical clinics, nature areas, a sport and entertainment complex, and a manufacturing area.

    At the moment, over 60 businesses are fully operational, 5,000 homes are under development, and two schools namely Crawford International and Nova Pioneer, able to educate more than 3,000 students were unveiled.

    An aerial view of Tatu City.
    An aerial view of Tatu City.

    Jay Kimmelman

    Jay Kimmelman and his wife Shannon May own Bridge International Academies, which has so far invested Ksh10 billion ($100 million) in education across the world. 

    In Kenya, Bridge International Academies has schools in Ngumba, Rongai, Kiambio, Katina, Kwa Njenga, Dandora, Gachie and Kabiria. 

    Bridge International Academies is backed by the world’s leading venture investors, including, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, IFC, and the Nigerian Sovereign Wealth Fund.

    File image of Jay Kimmelman.
    File image of Jay Kimmelman.

    Franco Rosso

    Franco Rosso owns the Malindi Dream Garden, Diamonds Dream of Africa and Sandies Tropical Village hotels in Malindi.

    He also owns a chain of luxurious beach resorts in other African countries, Italy and Switzerland.

    Malindi Dream Garden has a restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, a garden and a private beach area.

    A night at the facility costs Ksh20,000 per person.

    File image of Malindi Dream Garden.
    File image of Malindi Dream Garden.

    Flavio Briatore

     Ex-Formula One boss and Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore owns the Billioniare Resort in Malindi.

    It is a high-end spot that is frequented by the super-rich, not only in the country but also in the world.

    The resort offers its visitors a number of ways to relax including; the beach, restaurant, swimming pool, and spa.

    Of interest is the beach where a number of private gazebos are neatly organised facing the ocean. Here, an individual or a couple get to be served by a personal butler.

    The visitors can also enjoy an array of other natural resources that are also encompassed within the area such as; marine parks and national reserves.

    A night in the villa costs Ksh37,971.06 per person depending on the season.

    An undated image of Billionaire Resort in Malindi.
    An undated image of Billionaire Resort in Malindi.

    Mukesh Ambani

    India’s richest man and business tycoon Mukesh Ambani owns a number of properties in the country through Reliance Industries and Delta Corp East Africa Limited (DCEAL).

    He built the 21-storey twin-tower Delta Corner Tower in Westlands. In 2014, Mukesh sold the building to consultancy firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the University of Nairobi’s Staff Pension Scheme for a reported Ksh4 billion.

    Delta Corner Towers along Waiyaki Way.
    Delta Corner Towers along Waiyaki Way.

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