5 Issues Kabogo Raised on JKL Interview

5 Issues Kabogo Raised on JKL Interview

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo on Wednesday night made an appearance on JKL Live show where he raised several issues.

Hosted by Jeff Koinange, the outspoken politician addressed a wide array of issues including the disquiet in Jubilee and the political future of Mt Kenya region.

Why is the mountain region rumbling?

On the alleged brewing rebellion in Central Kenya, Kabogo refuted the claims by posing a rhetoric question.

“What rebellion Jeff? Central Kenya has no issues, we just have a few people who do not respect offices,” he stated.

However, Kabogo indicated that Jubilee Party seems to be in trouble. “Let us not bury our heads in the sand; It looks like it is in turmoil, when will Uhuru and Ruto come and tell Kenyans that they are okay?” he posed.

The ‘Washenzi’ remark

Questioned on the infamous Washenzi remark by President Uhuru Kenyatta that sparked outrage in the region, Kabogo responded.

“Those who were called ‘washenzi’ wanted to push it over and make it look like it is the public that was being referred to as ‘washenzi’ but you have seen the ‘washenzi’,” Kabogo retorted.

On William Ruto and his 2022

One of the contentious issues in the recent past is on Deputy President William Ruto‘s 2022 political fortunes and Kabogo equally chipped in.

“Succession is not guaranteed; convince us you are the right person by working, only then will we give it to you,” he stated.

And when asked whether he would endorse Ruto for the presidency, Kabogo responded: “Well he would have to convince me”.

Who is making that noise

A section of MPs including Moses Kuria (Gatundu) and Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati) have thrown salvos against the President.

Jeff sought to understand the origin of these rumblings and Kabogo responded: “Those are frustrations I believe; people get frustrated, burst out and start saying things that probably the will not say unless they are frustrated”.

“What are they frustrated about?” Jeff posed to which the former Kiambu Governor responded “There people who earn money by going to insult the other side but now there is no side to insult; that is the only way they make money. Another thing is relevance; people want to be relevant”.

The Murathe controversy

Former Jubilee vice chairman David Murathe raised a storm by claiming that DP Ruto should not vie for the presidency but should instead retire alongside President Uhuru.

Jeff Koinange wanted to know from Kabogo if Murathe was voicing the opinion of a segment of people from the Mt Kenya region.

“When did Murathe start speaking for Central? Murathe has never spoken on my behalf. He is speaking for himself and we cannot take such people seriously,” Kabogo quipped.


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