May 28, 2022
An undated photo of two identical wedding rings.
  • Three thousand farmers have joined a case where a foreign tycoon is reported to have married both a Kenyan woman and her niece and left property worth Ksh100 million.

    The case made headlines after the court established through a witness account that the tycoon had married two women who are closely related.

    The foreign tycoon however passed away without leaving a written will setting stage for the property battle which has been going on for over 20 years.

    The three thousand farmers through their directors on Thursday, February 17 want the grant letter of administration left to the widow revoked over a piece of land which is part of the property. The land is 5,186 acres.

    An undated photo of two identical wedding rings.

    The group claims that the widow fraudulently included the piece of land to part of the property owned by the late tycoon.

    They claim the right to the property saying they are the registered owners of the immovable properties.

    “The petitioner (Widow) knowingly, deliberately, and fraudulently misled the court into distributing deceased’s assets to her and her children,†stated the director of the group.

    The group also claims that the widow unlawfully purported to sell the land to another company for Ksh114,800,000 in a sale agreement dated May 16, 2015.

    They want the agreement cancelled and delisted from the multi-million property left by the tycoon.

    “Unless the confirmed grant is revoked and the purported sale cancelled, the company and its members stand permanent lose,†they submit.

    According to the group, the tycoon only had shares to the disputed land and he was not a sole proprietor.

    “The petitioner has not only abused the court process but is of the misconceived and misguided notion that Leitmann and Ukingoni are one and the same person,†they stated.

    The three thousand consist of powerful politicians from the Rift Valley region, businessmen, and even lecturers.

    The widow denied all the allegations insisting that the land is part of the property left by the foreign tycoon.

    A file image of a bridegroom and bride

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