May 28, 2022
A section of Thika road.
  • Motorists plying Thika Road were subject to a slight snarl-up on Sunday morning, August 29, following an accident involving a motorcycle and a saloon car at Kimbo Bridge. 

    Reports indicated that the two passengers and a motorcyclist, who were on a boda boda, died on the spot while the saloon car had minimal damage.

    In the video seen by, a witness narrated that he was coming from the same direction as the Saloon car and noticed the motorbike when it was thrown up in the air.

    The 11-second clip showed the motorcycle badly damage. It is suspected that the motorcycle went up in flames as a result of the crush.

    A section of Thika road.

    In reaction to the accident, several Kenyans shared their experiences with motorbike riders with a majority noting  that the group has become unruly in recent months.

    One described his experience on the busy highway noting, “I cringe every time I am driving at night and out of nowhere there’s a motorcycle with three guys riding on the inner lane, none of them has any high headlights, just the dim version.â€

    One Kenyan wondered if boda boda users undergo training since most riders unflinchingly use wrong lanes leading to a spike in accidents.

    The boda boda riders have also been dangerously overtaking on both sides of the road in a rush to pick and drop off as many passengers as possible.

    It has been estimated that the number of boda boda users will increase from 1.5 million in 2018 to over five million by 2030 according to a survey by United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

    “The latest statistics show low-cost motorcycles now kill more people than vehicles. 1,421 riders and pillion passengers died in 2019 compared to 1,049 drivers and passengers who lost their lives from motor vehicle-related deaths,” read the report in part.

    However, the National Transport and Safety Authority road accident report saw a rise in the number of road accidents in the year 2020. Which was an increase from the 2019 report on the road accidents.

    The report showed that more people died on the road than  covid-19 cases. The statistics indicated that over 3,114 Kenyans perished on the road inclusive of the boda boda accidents.

    Boda boda riders at the junction of Kirinyaga and Racecourse Road in Nairobi on June 27, 2017.
    Boda boda riders at the junction of Kirinyaga and Racecourse Road in Nairobi on June 27, 2017.
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