1st Ever Minister Who Was Jailed For Corruption

1st Ever Minister Who Was Jailed For Corruption

Former Local Government Minister Stanely Oloitipitip was astonished to find out prisons did not have beds after he was jailed in 1984. 

He was sentenced to serve a jail term of 12 months at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison for failing to pay taxes on a hotel he owned in Loitokitok, then known as Kajiado district. The hotel was named Maasai Boarding and Lodging. 

This was particularly embarrassing for him as he had in the past sneered at politicians who questioned his source of wealth, terming them as a “bunch of communist agents too lazy to work to get rich”. 

Former Local Government Minister Stanley Oloitipitip launching a project

During his prosecution, he asked the presiding magistrate whether there were beds in prison and was told he would find out when he got there. 

A former convict, who was in prison with Oloitipitip, told Drum Magazine of the intrigues that ensued. 

The first problem was that since no uniform could fit the massive politician, five prisoners were asked to surrender their shirts, which were cut up and made into Oloitipitip’s prison shirt.

Another five prisoners also had to surrender their trousers to provide material to tailor the newcomer’s. 

“That night, Oloitipitip demanded a pillow and several blankets. But it was then he discovered that there is one place in Kenya where former Cabinet ministers, pickpockets or Nairobi beggars are equal and that is prison,” reported the magazine.

Owing to the discomfort that he found at what was supposed to be his home for the next one year, Stanley boycotted his supper on the first night. 

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After spending one of his longest nights at Kamiti, he was then granted bail pending appeal. 

Upon release, he retreated to managing his wealth that included residential houses in Nairobi’s Lavington, a slaughterhouse, several ranches and a tourist lodge.

 Troubled by obesity, Oloitipitip died in Rombo on January 22, 1985, aged 61 while being attended to by a traditional medicine man.

A close up photo of former Local Government Minister Stanley Oloitipitip launching a project


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