15 Perfect Holidays to Visit This Festive Season

15 Perfect Holidays to Visit This Festive Season

Nairobi was recently named among the top places to visit by an exotic US magazine, Travel+Leisure.

This was fairly expected owing to the number of high profile international guests who came into the country, some due to a dying love and since they were in Africa anyway.

What most people don’t realise is that the whole Kenya is a hotbed of prime places where anyone, be it an individual or a team, can have fun.

From the exotic and serene team building exercises and animal orphanage centres to appealing infrastructure and incredible sceneries, Kenya definitely must be a fantastic holiday destination.

With that in tow, here are 15 places you can visit this holiday season.

1. Coastal Beaches

Diani beach

The Kenyan coast has stood a test of time being one of the most sought after holiday spot.

At the coast, there are all sorts of activities from glass-bottom boat rides, snorkeling lessons and trips and a chance to see different kinds of animal creatures such as surgeonfish, Moorish idols and green turtles.

2. Fort Jesus / Vasco Pillar

An image showing a side of Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus in Mombasa and Vasco da Gama pillar along Malindi have for the longest time been considered Kenyan landmarks due to their richness in history.

While at the coast, you can learn and get to witness, first hand, the breathtaking few spots that define Kenyan history.

The two constructions are rich in history and heritage as it is an architectural marvel

3. Mombasa Old Town.

Right next to Fort Jesus stands the unshaken Mombasa old town with its anciently constructed buildings.

The town has proven to protect the respected arabic and swahili cultures with exotic shops selling souvenirs and curios that reinforce the culture.

4. Game Parks

A giant and baby elephants

This holiday is also an opportune time for you to visit numerous Game Parks around the country.

Kenya is among few countries with exotic game reserves that contain a variety of animals that are already extinct in other places.

From elephants, to rhinos, lions and leopards, Kenyan game parks are an ecosystem on their own and we are privileged to be living next to them.

5. Ziplining and Team building activities

With festivities come lots of food and a great way to stay in shape (or at least active). Ziplining activities that enhance team’s cohesiveness are the best option this holiday season.

This activities can be found at the foot of Ngong hills, at Dam redhill in Machakos and sections of Limuru.

These areas come complete with a picnic ground and are built to suit both kids and adults.

6. Horse ranch

In some parts of Nairobi and Naivasha, such as Malo Stables and Sanctuary Horseback, you can enjoy horse rides.

The activities are curated to suit both children and adults with complete safety measures and a dedicated rider.

The gentle character and free spirit of horses capture the essence of the Kenyan outback while riding one of these majestic animals evokes a connection with land.

7. Giraffe Centre / Animal Orphanage

Most of the high profile personalities, such as Ellen Degeneres and Melania Trump, who visited Kenya, at one point, either ended up at a Giraffe Centre or animal orphanage.

You can also be apart of a good cause by visiting an animal orphanage and witness the care and love to animals that have been orphaned due to poaching.

Better still, you can have breakfast with a giraffe which has become a common practice for those visiting these centres.

8. Karura Forest

People enjoy nature at Karura Forest

Seeking an outdoor setting surrounded by serenity, Karura forest got your back.

Services offered here include horse-riding, mountain-biking, bird watching, tree planting or simply just relaxing.

In line with its late patron Prof. Wangari Maathai, Karura forest is serene and does not act as an amusement park in order to retain its water catchment capabilities.

9. Nairobi’s Lunar Park

Located at Nairobi’s Railways Sports Club, Lunar Park looks like something picked straight out of a child’s dream book.

From 360 banana boats to the Dragon boat, the park is guaranteed to excite all members of your family with the children taking center stage.

10. Mamba Village in Lang’ata

Mamba’s at a monitored Village

Crocodiles may seem dangerous in the rivers but seeing at a controlled environment is really adorable.

The expanse resort also contains other animals such as giraffes, ostriches and a man-made lake for exotic boat rides.

11. Sagana Bungee jumping

Sagana bungee jumping has successfully managed to give the free-falling experience without casualties.

It involves a dive from a structure 60m tall with an elastic cord connected to your back, so that you enjoy the sensation of free falling but you don’t hit the ground.

Packages have been curated to include individuals and a team as part of team building exercises.

12. Museums

In Kenya, museums are the single most category that is filled with traditions dating back hundreds of years and seem to always explain anything and everything.

Museums always aim to interpret Kenya’s rich heritage and offer a one stop for visitors to sample the country’s rich heritage both for education and leisure.

Besides history, visitors are treated to a variety of shopping and dining facilities, as well as botanical gardens that offer a serene environment.

13. Lake Bogoria Hot Springs

People at Lake Bogoria hot springs

The holiday season also presents a chance to visit Kenya’s only hot water springs and experience the wonder of nature.

The lake is also filled with the marvelous flamingos that straddle Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru.

There are also numerous resorts and camping sites nearby.

14. Movie Studios

Nairobi city, specifically, contains great movie studios that are supremely affordable and screen some of the latest releases from around the world.

The most notable ones are Imax and Nairobi Cinema. If you are movie addict, this is time you had the cinema experience.

15. Lake Victoria

It might not be as blue or expansive as the Indian ocean but Lake Victoria is also just as respectable.

From fishing experiences, boat rides and marveling at the hyacinth, the great fresh-water lake is definitely worth your time.

While there, you can choose to ride on a canoe, a speed boat, a jet ski or the ferry.