November 29, 2022
13 Kenyans Kidnapped by Terrorists Narrate Harrowing Experience

13 Kenyans are counting themselves lucky after they returned home from Somalia where they had been held against their will.

Led by Mutua Makau, a seaman, the rescued seafarers held a press conference where they spoke on the harrowing experience in the fishing vessel.

Details released by the Daily Nation claimed that the victims were forced to work at gunpoint, with no payment, whatsoever.

Kenyan fishermen stuck on a Somali vessel forced to work under deplorable conditions

They further narrated on how they were slapped around and even forced to work for long hours without food.

Mutua narrated on how a colleague was slapped and when he protested a Somali national grabbed an AK47 riffle and threatened to kill all Kenyans.

Seth Gakuya, another seaman, narrated their journey back home after the government through Kenyan ambassador to Somalia negotiated their freedom.

He also blamed one Andrew Magura who was the main agent in helping them seek employment in the fishing vessel, for allegedly selling them to slavery.

One morning as they worked they saw a boat approach their ship and they were forced onto it and were told it was time to go home.

On approaching the shore they were loaded onto vehicles that were to take them to the airport but along the way, they were forced off and told to sleep in the bushes.

They spent the night at the spot and were taken to the airport the following day where they were asked to pay for their flight to Mombasa.

They thanked the Government, Kenya Maritime Authority and ITF led by the inspector Betty Makena who they say were heavily involved in their repatriation.

Below is the video courtesy of Daily Nation:

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