‘You are Worse than A Prostitute, A Charlatan,’ Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Blasts Miguna

'You are Worse than A Prostitute, A Charlatan,' Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Blasts Miguna

Controversial lawyer Donald Kipkorir has told Miguna Miguna that he does not deserve to be in Kenya.

In an open letter posted on his social media accounts, Kipkorir says the country is better off without him.

The letter from the flamboyant lawyer was in response to an earlier tweet by Miguna accusing Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga of being a traitor.

“Duped and vanquished. The Kikuyu Mafia duped Jaramogi in 1963 and vanquished him in 1966.

“They assassinated Pinto in 1965, Kodhek and Mboya in 1969; JM Kariuki in 1975. They duped @RailaOdinga in 2002 and 2008. Lick your wounds and “move on,” wrote Miguna.

Terming embattled Miguna’s outbursts against the former premier in recent past as “the fart of a pig,” Kipkorir told Miguna – in the letter – that he is not worthy of being compared to Raila Odinga.

“On Baba, you are not worthy to hold a candle to him. His contribution, sacrifice & partriotism to Kenya is unrivaled by anyone,” wrote Kipkorir.

“The freedom space you use to abuse is courtesy of him. Your cantankerous vituperation against him are like the fart of a pig! You can’t revise history. You are incapable of doing it.”

Kipkorir further says he stood up for Miguna when he was deported but that “you are a person with no soul, no gratitude.”

Miguna was deported after the government maintained its stance that he is not a Kenyan citizen.

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