World Cup Fever! Mesut Ozil’s Nonchalance to Blame for German’s Loss to Mexico


I wouldn’t say I am a great fan of the German team, yet again, I don’t hate them. Somehow, I found myself celebrating the Mexico victory even though I am not a fan of Mexico either. I think they gave me a reason to do so.

I must however say that Mexico showcased great transitional play and breathtaking counter attacking play. I still think that the 0-1 score line was flattering for the Germans: it could have been worse.

But what could have happened?

Apart from Hernandez also known as Chicharito and some nondescript Vela character, most folks will not know the Mexican players. The German players on the other side are house hold names.

I have always held the opinion that when you can’t outrun opponents as Germany couldn’t Mexico, then you must fall back on your experience and creativity to slow down the game, line up strategically and seek out those spaces even when you can’t risk a high line.

That role of the creative playmaker was given to Mesut Ozil. On a good day, Mesut Ozil can be devastating. Sadly, those good days are usually against weaker and unenterprising opposition. Against a stronger opposition, Mesut Ozil is really talented at doing the disappearing act. That is exactly what he did last night.

He made no creative movement, no creative runs, no creative passing. He didn’t hold the ball when he should have, made erratic movements and passes and failed to dictate pace or show initiative. He showcased a very lethargic and uninspiring body language. He showed why he was culled at Real Madrid to give way for Gareth Bale.

Mesut Ozil is a contradiction of sorts. He is, because Germans are generally reputed to be very industrious and innovative. Not so Ozil. In fact, his innovation if at all would lead him to invent a game of football where players would be required to play while walking!

In my opinion, he takes the greater responsibility for the German collapse against Mexico!

By Denis K’Onyango

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