Woman Nabbed Selling Baby for Ksh1,200 at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital

Woman Nabbed Selling Baby for Ksh1,200 at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital

A woman was arrested on Tuesday at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital after a failed attempt to sell her baby at the price of Ksh1,200.

The 35-year old woman identified as Anne Wangui from Njoro was trying to sell her 3-month old baby just enough to recover the cost of diapers she has allegedly used to care for her.

Reports indicate that the woman had been discharged from the hospital with her baby but instead chose to sell her baby.

A signage at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital

According to the would-be buyer, Dorcas Nanjala, Wangui had asked for a compensation on the cost of 5 packets of diapers she had used in caring for the baby.

Nanjala had delivered a baby days earlier through caesarean section but the baby died due to an undisclosed condition.

Aliniambia gharama yenye atafanya ni diapers zenye ametumia nursery (She told me that I only needed to refund her the cost of the diapers she had used during the baby’s three-week stay at the hospital).

Akapiga hesabu kasema ametumia pakiti tano na moja ni Ksh240 kwa hivyo nimpee Ksh1,200 (On calculation, she indicated that she had used five packets of diapers and with each retailing at Ksh240, I should give her Ksh1,200 and she would give me the baby),” Nanjala narrated.

In her account of events, Nanjala who had already been discharged stated that she had been called by another patient who alerted her that the woman wanted to throw away her baby.

Given that Nanjala’s baby had died under what she called “suspicious” circumstances, she opted to report the matter to the police hoping that the baby was hers.

New-born babies at a nursery in a Maternity Hospital

Police officers then swiftly swung into action and arrested Wangui and the baby as they continued with their investigations into the controversial deal.


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