Woman in Botched Breast Surgery’s last Words to Hubby Will Make you Cry


The story of June Wanza Mulupi, the woman who died after a botched breast enlargement performed in an Nairobi clinic has gone viral and ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans.

She died last week from complications of a botched breast enlargement operation at a plastic surgery clinic located in the Karen area of Nairobi.

Wanza died at the Nairobi Hospital last week due to complications caused by the botched operation.

Her family said she underwent the surgery at Surgeoderm Health Care Limited, located on Theta Lane in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

Surgeoderm is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in Nairobi and its Facebook page says they also do Brazilian buttock lifts and hair transplant.

The clinic is associated with Professor Stanley Khainga, a leading plastic surgeon in the country who contested the Lurambi parliamentary seat on the ODM ticket in the August 8 elections last year.

On Monday, Khainga told a local daily he did not conduct the surgery but was only called in as a corrective surgeon at Nairobi Hospital where Wanza was admitted last week with fatal complications.

Wanza was wife to businessman Joseph Mulupi Musuya and were blessed with three kids namely; Jewel, Jazmine, and Jade.

June was a prayer warrior, at least according to her friends, and in her last post on social media, she thanked God for giving her a prayerful husband as well.

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