William Ruto Defeats Satan On Leading Of KICC, Rejects Most significant Land Offer- The Righteous Hustler !

William Ruto Defeats Satan On Top Of KICC, Rejects Biggest Land Offer- The Righteous Hustler !

Satan and William Ruto

By Kevin Omwanza

(Satan can take William Ruto to the rooftop of KICC Tower and displays him the complete of Nairobi Province and neighboring spots)

Mheshimiwa, I will give you all of these if you bow down and worship me! In any situation, you are obsessed with lands and material prosperity.

RUTO: It is prepared, ‘worship the Lord your God and provide him only,’

But you have been serving and worshiping Mammon! You are a rabid capitalist consumed by an all-consuming enthusiasm to amass wealth by hook or criminal! Halt with the pretense and take all these lands that I now give you! Take all these wealth, all these automobiles, all these that you now see bedazzle your eyes with their ethereal glamour!

RUTO: (Immediately after mulling for a instant) Get powering me Satan! My circumstance is with my God! He who pardoned all adult males for their huge sins shall on the day of tribulation stand in my stead and set all my accusers to shame! Even David who prostituted with Uriah’s wife and prepared his demise at the battlefront and was rebuked by the Prophet Nathan was in the last account esteemed as a Male following God’s individual heart!

(Laughs out loud, and so derisive is his laughter that Ruto’s brow furls into a furrow) For demise by bursting awaits a toad that imagines it can swell into an elephant! You weak person cannot consider your self as a David, or can you?!

Of toads and elephants and inflammation I know very little, but My Lord who hath encompassed my soul with appreciate shall not go through you to grieve my spirit any more! For verily on the working day of Moses’ death you contended with Michael for Moses’ physique. And however Michael was as righteous and guileless as the solar, he constrained himself not to rebuke you. At the time you considered as you now do that I deserved hell far more than I did heaven. And now I caution you Satan, that my Lord who I see descend in a Chariot of Flaming Fires shall shortly reproof and repulse you!

SATAN: You converse so confidently of your righteousness, but just as ardently, you lie to the lousy, and by your wicked craft, deprive them of their possessions (factors to Weston Resort)

My righteousness is as filthy rags ahead of the Lord God. I shall boast of nothing at all, for by mine individual self, I am nothing at all. But this is my self confidence – that by Christ’s stripes, I am healed, and that by accepting him in my existence, I am accounted as righteous!

Inform that to the birds! You and I know that your coronary heart is as filthy and soot-black as a witch’s pot!

That is what they all say! As I mentioned, my case is in advance of the Almighty who shall on that woeful day adjudge as between your real truth and mine!

Everybody says you are corrupt, murderous, and that in your darkish heart, you harbor lethal ambitions.

RUTO: Guy sees only the apparent, but the examiner of hearts is God! For when the Prophet of the Mighty God came to David’s father indicating the Lord had decided on a King of Israel from among the his sons, David’s father could not fully grasp why from amongst powerful and a lot more virtuous adult men God could settle on a lowly and humble David – but the Prophet reckoned, ‘God does not see as a person sees!’

(Just then there is a stunning and blinding mild from the skies and Satan jumps from KICC, disappears into the city, and breaks into numerous smithereens of persons like myself who like judging some others)🤣

DISCLAIMER: This is not to say William Ruto is as righteous as forged in this story. The place is that us as human beings are oft not incredibly introspective. We see very little, and choose also a great deal. My repute is just as an iceberg. There is extra to myself, or your self, that is not quite evident to the at any time-prying eyes of the general public. And the rest of the iceberg may possibly not always correspond to the noticeable iceberg.


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