Why Uhuru Jubilee Is Funding Private Schools, Cartels To Take Over, Looting Continues

Exposed: Why Uhuru Jubilee Is Funding Private Schools, Cartels To Take Over, Looting Continues

Because yah all lazy to connect the dots, let me do this for you.

There is a plan to fund “top performing private schools”.

Ask yourself who owns “these top performing schools”.

There has been a buying spree of the top private schools in the country by mostly rich South Africans and some White investors.

And of course, the who is who in Kenya owns a school or a hospital. Then suddenly they make NHIF available to all hospitals (not a bad thing), but suddenly Kenyatta hospital start getting all these scandals and public hospitals get so neglected, (I hear you pay to use a toilet in a public hospital in Kisii Level 5).

Ask your friend in the medical field and you be told of the deliberate neglect that public hospitals are going through.

The phase we are entering is the late 1990s again. Where public institutions will be collapsed by force and private enterprises owned by foreigners and top families takes over.

Ask yourself who owns the top security firms in Kenya. Top hospitals and now schools.

When basic services are left to criminal capitalists to milk them, the poor man is left with no means.

I was checking a school in my neighbourhood, that my daughter will start attending next year, and the cheapest available school is Sh 60,000 a term, exclusive of transport. And that is the school is far, the girl has to be picked at 5.45 a.m.

My heart bled. What happened to neighborhood public schools.

In primary schools, we used to pay like Sh 400. I joined the nursery briefly before proceeding to class 1 at the age of 6. In secondary school, my annual school fees was like Sh 30,000.

For the university, it was subsidized, and I was paying Sh 32,000.

If I start paying Sh 60,000 for a three-year-old, how will I sustain that for the next 18 years?

For poor people, functional public institutions is their safety net. Our economy is too weak to sustain such predatory moves.

When funding that is supposed to go to public institutions goes to private institutions, there is no stopping gradual collapse of public sector. To rebuild it takes a long time, but by then lives have been ruined.

By S N via Facebook


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