Why Uhuru Cancelled Jubilee Parliamentary Meeting

Why Uhuru Cancelled Jubilee Parliamentary Meeting

By Anwar Sadat

Reports from the hill indicate that President Uhuru is livid after news leaks attributed to Murkomen suggested that Uhuru must “toe the line, respect the hand that fed him (Ruto) or go to Ichaweri.”

Over the weekend, news leaked that Ruto had told President Uhuru Kenyatta to shelve his “Lifestyle audit rhetoric “ which URP believes is targeted at their Boss, a move they say is intended to derail his 2022 ambition.

The DP continues to carry out his 2022 campaigns, a direct confrontation with his boss who has advised all politicians to put aside “petty politics” and focus on delivering the Jubilee promises to Kenyans.

It’s reported that President Kenyatta explicitly warned his Deputy to shape up and support the Jubilee agenda or resign and conduct his 2022 campaigns.

This was the first private rebuke President Kenyatta gave to his DP according to sources who wish to remain anonymous because they are not authorized to speak on this issue.

It remains to be seen whether the Jubilee PG meeting that had been called by Ruto at Statehouse for Tuesday will still go on, though our sources indicate that the existing conditions between the Jubilee partners is not conducive for any meeting.

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