Why SONKO’s Bravery At JKL Changed My Perception Of Him

Why SONKO’s Bravery At JKL Changed My Perception Of Him

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka the Banana Peddler

Finally, it has dawned on me that Nairobi governor Mike Sonko is a unique leader. He is not the man they made me believe he was. I have come to realize that it were all a bunch of lies packaged to make him appear bad and devilish. Now I understand why cartels were hell-bent on ensuring he gets out of their way. Everything changed last night after watching Jeff Koinange Live.

Like him or hate him, governor Sonko is a man you cannot wish away. He is a man who does things his own way without any fear of intimidation. Having watched his interview with Jeff Koinange, I changed my perception over him. After watching JKL, I realized that Sonko has the courage of doing what other leaders that claim to be diplomats, are afraid of.
After listening carefully to Sonko, I realized that he is not a coward. He fears nobody. When Sonko finds you that you are not carrying out your duties as allocated, he takes action on the spot.

They say when diplomacy fails, try violence. In Nairobi, diplomacy cannot work. Kidero tried and he failed. Kidero was dining with cartels while Sonko has decided they’ll not have their way. Under Kidero the academia, the City was a mess. Under Sonko the commoner, cartels have no chance. That is why they are playing all dirty tricks on him. Under Kidero, monies were diverted to individuals’ accounts but when Sonko came in, he cut the supply and cartels started crying. They have tried every trick on the book to frame Sonko but the truth has always set him free.
Sonko does not shield himself from public scrutiny.

His latest move of making abrupt visits in government facilities has angered sluggard government employees who idle around yet take jumbo salaries at the end of the month. The Pumwani dead-babies impromptu is the latest case where careless employees were caught red-handed packing dead infants in a polythene bag. As a result, the top management was sent home. But there are those opposed to the move. I have been asking myself;
Suppose governor Sonko was to announce that he would visit Pumwani hospital a day earlier, would we have seen those cadavers of infants were stuffed into a polythene bag for one week?

They would probably clean up the mess and tell the governor all was well. As a result, the public would never know the truth about the dead bodies. Is that what you hypocrites wanted? Sonko unmasked a scandal and fired the people responsible. This should be a harbinger to all those irresponsible government officials that sleep on their jobs and expect a pay at the end of the month. Sonko should carry on without fear. We are behind him.

Another thing that I support Sonko on is his system of repossessing public utilities. Still I ask myself, if someone grabs a public utility knowingly and develops it, what business do you have negotiating with them when you want it back? Pay them an impromptu visit in Gestapo style, chase them away and take back whatever belonging to the government.

If you announce that you are going to evict them, they will rush to court and obtain court orders that bar you from doing so. Or still, make a phone call to their godfathers or godmothers. Consequently, the case might take ages especially in this era of what you know about who you know.

Nairobi needs a man of action. To hell with academicians and their court orders. Keep up the good job governor sonko.

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(The writer sells bananas in the streets of Kisii Town)


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