Why Sonko remains to be the biggest problem to streamlining the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area’s transportation

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The long term solution to the transportation woes of the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area lies in the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (NAMATA).

Governor Mike Sonko remains bitterly opposed to NAMATA on the spurious grounds that it is a ploy to deny him revenue and claw back on his powers.

Both claims are unfounded and not true. Governor Mike Sonko remains to be the biggest impediment to streamlining the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area’s transportation. His latest moves to adopt knee jerk measures to ‘decongest the city’ are just a smokescreen meant to divert attention from his opposition to NAMATA. Nairobi’s transportation problems are complex as they have built up over time.

They require sophiscated, comprehensive, well thought out and multi-disciplinary solutions. The last thing we need is reactionary and unilateral decisions on a matter that requires so many parties to work together.

This is a team sport not a round of squash. The committee of Transport, Public Works, Infrastructure and Housing continues to call upon Governors Joseph Ole Lenku, Dr Alfred Mutua, Mike Sonko, Ferdinand Waititu and Mwangi wa Iria to come forward to work with parliament so that we can operationalize NAMATA and offer long term solutions to the transportation problems in the greater Nairobi Metropolitan Area. In the meantime I call upon Governor Sonko to suspend his walkathon orders untill such consultations take place.

Hon Moses Kuria, HSC, MP
Vice Chair
Transport, Infrastracture, Public Works & Housing Committee
National Assembly


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