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Why Sharon Otieno’s Family Has Disowned Her Husband

Why Sharon Otieno's Family Has Disowned Her Husband

Why Sharon Otieno’s Family Has Disowned Her Husband – kenyagist.com

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  • The family of slain Rongo University second-year student Sharon Otieno have disowned her estranged husband Mr Benard Otieno Owuor.

    In a report by The Standard, the family stated that they did not recognise the man with whom Sharon had two daughters with though they had parted ways early in 2018.

    The family asserted that no man had ever approached them seeking to marry their daughter.

    “We are not aware of any marriage between Sharon and any man. The said husband has never paid us dowry and has failed to visit this family to notify us that he was living with Sharon.

    Sharon Otieno’s mother Melida Otieno (seated) comforted by other family members following the tragic death of her daughter

    “I don’t know whether they were living as boyfriend and girlfriend. But the position of this family is that Sharon had no husband,” Sharon’s step-grandfather John Olwenya told journalists.

    The family was further disappointed by the ex-husband who had not expressed any interest in funeral arrangements for the mother of his children.

    Sharon’s kin further conveyed that they had resolved to bury her at the home of her paternal grandfather Samuel Odege.

    The family had not settled for a date of the funeral as the family lawyer Peter Kaluma insisted that they will not bury her until those who murdered her had been brought to book.

    The murder of the second-year student has been a heated topic of discussion as Migori Governor Okoth Obado was listed as a suspect.

    Unconfirmed reports allege that the governor was spotted at Jogoo House a day after Sharon’s body was discovered as some speculated that he had planned a meeting with Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet.

    Sharon Otieno, second-year student who was brutally murdered while seven months pregnant
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