Why Sharon Otieno Had To Be Killed, Unwanted Pregnancy, Double Dealing, Blackmail Etc

RUMOURS: Why Sharon Otieno Had To Be Killed, Unwanted Pregnancy, Double Dealing, Blackmail Etc

By Innocent Ngare

Sharon Otieno, like most young Girls today, made a a terrible decision -a decision that ultimately led to her tragic end. But she did not deserve to be murdered for it. Nobody murders a kid aged 24 who is seven months pregnant. Yes she made a mistake. But isn’t that what our 20s are about? To make mistakes and learn from them?

Sharon was clande to a top Nyanza politician for a long time. As a matter of fact, people close to the politician inform me that she used to accompany him on foreign trips abroad -and on taxpayer’s money. A third-year student at Rongo University College, and with lots of money coming in from the politician, Sharon immersed herself into the glamorous life.

She was a frequent guest at Imperial Hotel in Kisumu where she threw endless parties for her friends -on taxpayer’s money. Sources tell me that an Executive Suite in the hotel was always reserved for her when she was in town -on taxpayer’s money. However, things soon took a nasty twist.

Unknown to the politician, Sharon was also seeing his son too, like romatically. Yes, she was sleeping with both father and son. Then she became pregnant. Sharon saw the pregnancy as a gold mine -an opportunity to extort millions from the politician. The story would have become a huge scandal. Think about the headlines -How varsity girl slept with both father and son.

Seemingly, the politician refused to yield to her blackmail. So Sharon contacts a Nation Media Group Correspondent based in Nyanza. She tells him the story and the journalist calls the politicain’s office asking for a response -and an adequate response they received via the politician’s PA.

The PA meets Sharon and the Journalist at Graca Hotel in Rongo but he insists that they change the venue of the meeting and move to Homa-Bay. The two get into a waiting car whose occupants are the PA and a driver. They drive for a few minutes and stop at Ndege Oriedo. Two men jump into the backseat and sandwich Sharon and the journalist. At this point, the PA calmly gets out of the car which then speeds off.

Fast forward, the journalist managed to wrestle the assailants and got out of the moving car -sustaining serious injuries in the process. Sharon’s body was found dumped in Kodera Forest yesterday night. She was seven months pregnant. Michael Oyamo was arrested at JKIA as he tried to leave the country for Rwanda together with his boss. It is alleged that he already confessed to working under express orders from Obado.

If there are two people who should be put under witness protection immediately, they are the PA and the journalist.


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