Why Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr Will Inherit Raila – Mutahi Ngunyi

Why Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr Will Inherit Raila - Mutahi Ngunyi

Controversial political analyst professor Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday opined that Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr is poised to get about from Opposition Raila Odinga.

In Mutahi’s see, Raila’s evident absence in the political arena, especially in the spirited war in opposition to corruption, has provided Mutula with an opportune instant to strategically inherit “Raila’s orphans”.

“We have a problem for the young Mutula Kilonzo, he can come to be the chief of the Raila orphans. Are you observing what we are looking at?” Mutahi posed.


According to the political analyst, the phrase “Raila’s orphans” is coined from the reality that because the ODM leader’s “exit” as the formal opposition determine, a vacuum was made and main to a sense of confusion among the his supporters.

“At the Fort Hall School of Govt, we essentially like the young Mutula Kilonzo. This guy is sincere. But he is sincerely wrong,” just one of the analysts quipped.

The sarcastic jibe from Mutahi appears to be a wake-up simply call for Senator Mutula to seize the chance and stamp his part in the opposition.

“We like a man who is not always appropriate. Immediately after all, God likes the imperfect man. A man who stands in the Senate and talks Marxist jibberish with enthusiasm,” the panelist remarked.

Mutahi alleged that Raila’s silence in excess of the the latest Kibera Slum demolitions and the ongoing demolitions on illegal buildings sitting down on riparian land had been a obvious sign of his exit from the opposition helm – an opportunity for the Makueni Senator.

Mutula Jr has been vocal in the Senate on numerous thorny challenges including the Solai Dam tragedy and the controversial scandal on sugar that was reportedly contaminated with mercury.


His unwavering war in opposition to corruption has witnessed him offer head-on with cartels like in the Solai Dam probe where by he indicated that his committee associates basically place their life on the line to make certain that justice was served to the victims.

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