Why Raila Will Defeat DP Ruto Come 2022; Fucked Up Economy, Raging Corruption To Unite Kenyans Behind Enigma

Why Raila Will Defeat DP Ruto Come 2022; Fucked Up Economy, Raging Corruption To Unite Kenyans Behind Enigma

By Mungai Mwangi

During the burial of Professor Ouma Muga, Siaya senator Hon James Orengo said something that got many excited. He said that Kenyans MUST give Jakom another chance to run for 2022 elections. That is very good news especially to his supporters and other Kenyans who are tired of the un ending Uhuru Jubilee PR, rising public debt, fucked up economy, un employment and corruption.

If Jakom decides to vie, then he will definitely defeat Ruto the self proclaimed hustler and son of Peasant from Sugoi for several reasons; First, the Mt Kenya region which was extremely hostile against Jakom will has finally run out of steam and have reconciled with him and seem to have realized that the guy means well for Kenya . For Meru and Embu region, those will be a walk over for Jakom for they have always supported Raila but then make last minute change of mind due to fear mongering by their towring neighbours-Kikuyu. Kikuyu seem split as most seem to fear that should they fail to vote for the hustler, they will be labelled as traitors who can’t be trusted with political pacts. In fact, this is the only reason why the some Kikuyus want to vote for the hustler as a block.

But going by the way Jubilee is over taxing everybody and looting the public coffers, even the Kikuyus and Kalenjins communities will refuse to vote for the hustler to conmtinue with Jubilee agenda of corruption and China debts. They will vote for Jakom en mass and the hustler will only manage may be 60% of Rift Valley votes.

Secondly, the super rich Muthaiga council of elders no longer fear Jakom presidency after he decided to handshake and bury the hatchet with Uhuru Kenyatta. This was the only group that was coming between Jakom and state house, they seem to be comfortable with baba. The other regions like coast, Western, North Eastern etc are Jakom strongholds. So, should Jakom decide to vie, he will have entered the state house at 8 am that election day.

To summarize, the rising cost of living (fucked up economy) and the need to end corruption will unite Kenyans and rally behind Baba to defeat DP Ruto and his bunch of very hard working cartels.


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