Why Powerful Women Should Rise Independently

Why Powerful Women Should Rise Independently – City Lawyer STEVE OGOLLA

I have watched Ebru TV Perfect Match Series, and what is confounding is the common refrain by ladies looking for a man with “significant material wealth and status” ostensibly to secure her future.

Listen ladies,
If he has “wealth and status” he doesn’t need you. Let me reframe, and address the most neglected issue: Men date at the level of their self esteem. Catch that.

If he has an “established capacity” to support fantasy living, he will look for a woman who will compliment rather than disturb that comfort. A woman with a similar capacity to preserve and expand his wealth and status.

One view would be to assess your own potential, and locate a man with a similar potential that can compliment rather than diminish your capacity. In short, you know you’re in love when you see yourself in him, and vice versa.

If a woman is exceptionally talented, sharp, intense, incisive, and detailed in approach, she needs a man with a near similar intellectual rigour and capacity. The same argument is true for women with strong business acumen, or whatever potential God has deposited in them.

Anyone who trusts his or her future prosperity with another, will in the end prove to be a fool. That person will be like a bush in the wasteland, and will not see prosperity when it comes, (Jer. 17:6).

Naturally, I must celebrate the woman who sets her own standards, defines her pathways, works herself up, and is determined to optimize her potential to assure her future, without undue reliance on a man. Dorcas Sarkozy, you are a perfect example of a liberated woman. I love you.

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