Why Men Avoid Single Mothers; Kids mature and Search for Real Dad, Left with Loss

Why Men Avoid Single Mothers; Kids mature and Search for Real Dad, Left with Loss

By Kamasasa E

Very tricky:

1. The man falls in love with a single mother. She comes in with her one or two kids.
2. Being a man walking the talk, he loves both the wife and her kids unconditionally. It’s balanced love between step kids and his own biological ones. He takes care of the step kids, educate them, cloth them and empower them.
3. In one of the fine days, information reaches the ears of the man that the step kids he has raised intends to go back to their biological father. The kids the man has single handedly raised with a lot of struggles.

Well, the step kids are now mature and have a right to inquire and know some elements. The questions beg:
1. Did the kids out of their own volition start asking whom their father is?
2. How did the same step kids realise that their step nature to the father who have raised them?
3. Did the wife of the man secretly told her kids that they have their own biological father? Assume they were told, did the wife confirm to them secretly to allegations that actually they have their own different father?
4. How will this man feel after raising the kids only to be abandoned later?

I now understand why some single men say NO for a single mothers. I now understand the reasons why our daughters can’t find husbands simply because they have a kid or kids from the past union.

What’s your view? Leave your emotions in the washroom.

Well, here is Onyinkwa Nyakundi the undisputed spokesman of the Gusii online:

“A kid who is 5 years or below is a clean slate you can write your fatherhood on, and have a strong lifelong bond with. However, as they grow older, if their mother learns that their biological father is doing better in life than you are, she is likely to begin using them as a social security card whilst angling for ‘upkeep’ or such other privileges from the other side. Everything lies squarely on her. If she decides to reveal their biological father to them without the intention of them abandoning you, believe me she’ll do that and the kids won’t move an inch from you to the absentee. It is their mothers that often poison their minds. Afeni Shakur brought her son Tupac Shakur up well if the line in one of his numbers about how his dead beat dad died and he didn’t ‘shed a tear for a stranger’ is any indicator”.-Onyinkwa Onyakundi


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