Why KTN Cancelled John Allan Namu’s South Sudan Expoze, Statehouse Warned Management

Why KTN Cancelled John Allan Namu’s South Sudan Expoze, Statehouse Warned Management

KTN TV is on spot for last minute cancelling of a sensitive investigative story by award-winning journalist John Allan Namu.

The TV Station that is owned by retired President Moi’s Standard Group had in an advertisement announced that it would run a three-part series produced by Namu’s Africa Uncensored.

The story touched on the money laundering and corruption by top South Sudan government officials and warlords who looted from their country and invested their money in Uganda and Kenya. The clip also implicates Kenya top leadership in hiding former top army General Paul Malong in Nairobi. General malong is a UN wanted criminal.

In the expose Namu shows that General Malong has very strong ties to Statehouse to an extent that both President Uhuru and Deputy President William Ruto did visit Malong in 2016 when he was hospitalised in Nairobi hospital.

A source inside KTN confirms that the station was cautious after a call from Statehouse ordered them not to air the programme. ”Somebody powerful from the house on the hill called and warned top management not to air the programme”- a source told this writer.

Meanwhile John Allan Namu offered to explain why his programme was taken down by KTN

“They were largely happy with the story, but wanted to remove certain parts of it as they sought comment from an adversely mentioned person. We disagreed, given that we had already sought fair comment from this person,”
Namu said.

“So we differ with the decision by @KTNNews to hold the story, but we respect it. They have their platform, and we have ours. We feel that we have met the threshold for it to be seen by the public, and for the public to judge it on its own merit,”
he added.

The investigate series has since gone viral with THOUSANDS watching it online via African Uncensored’s Youtube channel.
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