Why Kenyans Are Not Excited Over President Obama Coming On Monday, He Supported Corrupt Jubilee


President Obama remains one of the most loved US Presidents in the recent times. I still like him as a US president.

However, he was a total disappointment when he came here in 2015. He focused on demeaning the opposition, painting the ICC accused in good light and generally weakened the drivers of accountability and human rights while strengthening the forces of impunity. That is why his coming in two days time has not excited the Kenyan hosts. He has to use his visit to undo the damage he caused on his last visit. He left us unclear on what he stands for.

What worsened his (Pres Obama’s) goofs was the visit by Pope Francis three months later which was the opposite of Obamas, because the Holy Father spoke against three evils that Jubilee and Kenya are guilty of: Corruption, tribalism, and the neglect and victimization of the youth of Kenya.. The Pope spoke so clearly on these three evils to The President, government officials making Obama’s visit look all the more hypocritical. Welcome son of Kenya.
Foreign Policy 101.

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