Why Kanze Dena Recalled Statement on President Uhuru’s Changes to Prisons

Why Kanze Dena Recalled Statement on President Uhuru's Changes to Prisons

Last week, newsrooms were sent into disarray after receiving two contradicting statement from State House within an hour.

The first announcement was made indicating that President Uhuru Kenyatta had approved the conversion of all prisons into a single State Corporation.

In less than half an hour, another statement was issued conflicting the earlier communication stating that the approval had been pushed to a later date.

State House Spokesperson Kanze Dena

The mix-ups and lack of consistency in the President’s strategic communications unit sent the indication that all was not well after the exit of Manoah Esipisu, but Kanze Dena has come out to defend her office saying all is well.

Kanze defended the recalling of the statement on reforms in the prisons sector holding that the decision was reached after realizing that they needed to incorporate a colorful event once the changes are effected.

She told Sunday Nation that there was a need to have “more pomp and colour” when making the announcement on the changes that will see prisons moved under the Kenya Prisons Enterprise Corporation.

The corporation will be mandated to organize and manage the assets of the Prison Department, including 86 prison farms with a total of over 18,225.9 acres of land.

When asked whether there were struggles in the President’s communication team, Kanze maintained that all was well.

“There is nothing wrong with the President’s Communication team. We are doing okay,” she affirmed.

There has been a attempt to centralize the State House Communication machinery under the National Government Communication Center (NGCC), but not much information has been pushed through the office that is slowly picking up.

Former State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu left to pick his ambassadorial job in the UK upon appointment by President Kenyatta.

Kenya’s UK envoy Manoah Esipisu



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