Why Jubilee Is Crumbling, Nothing To Do With RailaUhuru Handshake But Everything With Mt Kenya mafia

How Coast Iron Lady Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa Personally Returned Her Dowry When Husband Refused to Allow Her Join Politics

By Antony Oyugi

DEAR JUBILEE- I would like to speak on behalf of ODM and the wider NASA fraternity on this weird claim that Raila Amollo Odinga is responsible for your current problems

Jubilee is facing cracks because it wasn’t formed based on ideology or principle. This party was formed with one aim…stopping a Raila presidency. That’s not an ideology. Now that it succeeded in achieving its objective it has lost it’s usefulness. Most of those who were in the frontline in forming the party sold it and their political and financial goals based on uttering Railas name everywhere. From baseless propaganda to fear mongering.

Here’s my point, there’s no Raila to fight after the handshake. Those who earned handouts and political popularity thanks to insulting Raila have lost lyrics. They are now struggling hard to get a way of bringing the anti Raila anthem back to fashion so that they get back to their being paid handouts and political favors by their benefactors. They should be dismissed

From Uhurus corner he has singled out these guys and has ignored them. It seems William Ruto hasn’t noticed this trend. That’s why people like Irungu Kangata, Moses Kuria and their ilk from Mt Kenya are now running around with Ruto and not Uhuru. Uhuru has become a bad sponsor. He’s not paying. Ruto is paying

To the Jubilee supporter let me be sincere with you…

Learn to ignore the anti Raila noise being made by these handout-seekers. They control no political environment. Politics is controlled by the owners of capital. That’s why Raila met Uhuru Moi and Kibaki. These four guys control Kenya’s political and financial capital. The Rutos, Murkomems, Sudis, Mandagos, Kurias etc are peasants. They will not decide who becomes President. They will support however they are TOLD to support

By the way ignore talk of PK as Rutos running mate. PK is a victim of these handout-seekers. He paid for the chopper they used for yesterdays harambee and also paid them to escort him. Ask yourself why his entourage was made up of Muranga leaders only

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