Why I will support Croatia in the final.

Why I will support Croatia in the final.

By Steve Bundotich

Why I will support Croatia in the final.

1. Croatia is the only team to have sacked their coach and second striker in this World Cup but how they remained united and focused despite internal shocks is something to be admired.

2. Unlike France, Brazil and England; Croatia remained humble throughout the World Cup and didn’t let success go into their heads.

3. Croatia play genuine football without drama: simulation, play acting and showbiz like the Neymars and Pogbas of this world.

4. Having watched Luka Modric and Mario Mandzukic over the years, it’s time they get the attention they deserve. They are World Class but seriously underrated.

5. Let’s win it for Davor Suker, Slaven Bilic and the whole class of 1998. For Arsenal fans, let’s remember Eduardo Dudu da Silva; the best striker destroyed by injury.

6. Croatia is the only team to reach the final after their last three matches in extra time. On that alone they deserve a medal. They’re true lions forget the fake 3 lions from England.

7. It’s time a small country wins it. This will send waves of inspiration across Africa and Asia. And who knows?

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