Why Hon Ochillo Ayacko Will Win The Migori Senate Race

Why Hon Ochillo Ayacko Will Win The Migori Senate Race

Hon Ochilo Ayacko will win the Migori gubernatorial race not because Odinga and other ODM luminaries campaigned for him.

To begin with, Eddie Gicheru Oketch Muok wasn’t a threat to Ochilo, the real threat was Hon Dalmas Otieno who was prevailed upon by Raila to withdrew from the race and in return got appointed to an independent Commission. Hon Dalmas with backing of Governor Obado and the Kuria community could have mounted a spirited campaign against Ochilo.

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Someone tells me that there is Kuria factor. NO that won’t decide the direction of the votes. Kuria are barely a third of registered voters in Migori. Despite their only candidate quitting the race in favour of Eddie Oketch, Kuria votes remain swing votes.

Obado factor. The incumbent governor was on record stating that he wasn’t happy with the party’s choice of direct ticket to Ayacko.

It should be remembered that Obado who is now embroiled in murder case involving his side chick bitterly contested his reelection against Ochilo.

In my own opinion, Obado could only influence a section of Ururiri votes in favour of Eddie. This however, would not help.

Granted Obado received sympathy votes in 2013 when he allegedly accused ODM of rigging out in nominations. He ran on little known PDP and won.

In 2017 he decamped to ODM and won. Fact: ODM remains the most dominant party in the region. It is simplistic to imagine that some nondescript party with a weak candidate can upset things. There is no David v Goliath in this race.

So what brought Odinga there?
Jokingly : Chopper dropped him. Hehe.
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Anyway, Odinga is the ODM party leader and has his constitutional right to move around, attend rallies and meetings. Again politics is about identity, after the handshake, this was a formidable opportunity to mingle with voters. DP Ruto has entrenched identity politics disguised as commissioning development projects.


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