Why Hon DAVID OSIANY Is The Best Replacement For The Late Senator BEN OLUOCH


By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka The Banana Peddler

We, the people of Migori will be going back to the ballot to redirect the course of our history and exercise our constitutional right of electing another senator after the demise of Ben Oluoch whose expiry was sponsored by cancer. Ben was a great friend of mine and for the period I knew him, I can only but confess that he was a great man of passionate convictions and impeccable morals. We will surely miss him. But as they say, we all owe death and I can only but wish our beloved senator well as he journeys to the spiritual world.

In light of that, I therefore, want to use this medium to unequivocally appeal to the great people of Migori County, to consider electing a man that can finish what Senator Oluoch started. The people of Migori need young leadership. What we need is a quintessential and indefatigable senator who will keep shaping the lives of our people for good. My fellow Migorians, after a thorough and painstaking soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that David Osiany is the best replacement for our departed Senator.

Just like our departed Senator, Osiany is patient, calm and mature. When he lost at the ODM parliamentary primaries in Rongo Constituency, My Excellency the People’s President Raila Amolo Odinga pleaded with him to calm down. He displayed a befitting maturity by giving respect to Baba by letting it go uncontested despite the electoral injustices allotted at his person. By respecting Raila Odinga, he confirmed beyond doubt that he respects his elders.

Osiany has displayed sterling qualities of leadership. His fertile mind is commendable. Since his days as a student leader at the University of Nairobi, Osiany’s thinking has confirmed he possesses a unique character of a disciplined leader who is firm, fair and consistent in spite of all odds.

David has always stood with Jakom in every situation. He has expended his own money and recourses – for example fueling his cars – just to promote and defend Baba in all leading media houses, something no one else among those that want Senator Oluoch’s seat, has done. When Baba needs him, he abandons whatever he does and responds with urgency.

Unlike Ochillo Ayacko who disrespected Raila by turning down an appointment as ambassador to Japan, Osiany has never disrespected his party leader. Unlike Ochillo Ayacko who has a torrent of corruption cases pending in court, Osiany has not a single corruption case pending in any court of law. Unlike Ochillo Ayacko who denounced his ODM membership last year, Osiany remains with Baba and has never sold his conscience and principles to the ghoul.

The enemies of progress are seeing the handwriting on the wall from every corner of Migori. They know that they can stop the idea whose time is now. Predictably, Osiany will win the by-election by landslide. The primaries will be a child play and a day all well-meaning people of Migori will collectively “horny” and date a new Migori. The people will voice out their angers through the barrel of the ballot and make their County great. No one will silence the voice of God through the collective voice of Migori people.

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(The writer sells Bananas in Rongo town)

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