Why Governor Okoth Obado Needs Your Prayers, The Shit Is Real.

Why Governor Okoth Obado Needs Your Prayers, The Shit Is Real.

By K Omwanza via FB

The person who most needs the guarantees for fair trial is Governor Okoth Obado. Not because he is a special human being, but because the manner in which this saga is prosecuted gives telltale signs of a conspiracy to torpedo the man’s career. Let me tell you why.

This is a case like no other that we have seen before. Either Obado is totally insane or he is innocent. From the day we heard the first whiff of the rumors that have been swirling around that a university student who maintained a relationship with governor, we, or at least I suspected the governor’s involvement.

When prominent people want to kill you, they hire hitmen, and get or forge an unassailable alibi. When the man who was pounding Tuju’s wife was killed, Tuju was in government business overseas. Surely Obado knows that unless he is a total jerk. With just a dram of wit you’d know that being at the scene of a crime that barring other occurrences would easily point to you is completely disingenous.

Governor Okoth Obado, who was smart enough to siphon county govt funds to different anonymous accounts rather than wire them directly into his account, would surely conjure up a scheme where he’d be completely incognito in the whole mess.

The biggest telltale sign that we might have nailed the wrong quarry in our hunt is that this quarry did not even struggle to flee itself from the snare. If you ever lay a trap and see an animal ensnare itself and quietly huddle in the trap, you’d wonder if it really is a prey or a djin. Obado did not try to put on a glove in a crime he definitely knew investigators would come looking for fingerprints. And that means three things:

1) He is totally insane or ignorant or both;
2) He wanted to be found;
3) It is a set up.

Do not be in a big hurry to take a calm quarry home!W


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