Why Both Migori Governor Obado, His Son Dan Collapsed, Rushed To Hospital On Friday Night

Exposed: Why Both Migori Governor Obado, His Son Dan Collapsed, Rushed To Hospital On Friday Night

By Innocent Ngare

Governor Okoth Obado did not attempt suicide. He collapsed at the Gigiri Police Station, was rushed to hospital, but is now back in police custody. However, his first-born son Acholla Dan Okoth (Dan Totto), whose name has been adversely mentioned in the murder of Sharon Otieno, attempted suicide late last night. Dan is currently hospitalized at the Nairobi Hospital where I’m told he’s now stable. Journalists have been barred from entering the hospital. The few who are privy to this matter have been paid 20K each not to run the story.

The house of cards is tumbling down!

It is true that Obado collapsed in the police cells yesterday and was rushed to hospital. Obado did not collapse because of a medical condition but because EACC has decided to freeze both the local and international accounts of his wife and children as well. That family is technically broke as we speak. Over the past five years, Okoth Obado transferred over 3.5 billion shillings to the accounts of his children in Malaysia, Australia, Hong-Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Okoth Obado’s youngest daughter who studies Law at UoN, drives a car that might take a Kenyan earning an honest living over twenty years to buy. His daughter studying Medicine in the same institution (goes by the name of Casablanca Kenya on Facebook) is a social media braggart whose bank account holds millions and millions of Kenya shillings.

Eliud Obonyo, the immediate former Chief Procurement Officer of Migori resigned after Mama Hellen Obado expressly instructed him to award Dan Toto (Obado’s first son) a County contract valued at 300 million. Obado has also been allegedly using a number of proxies to launder money. One of those proxies is a Kisumu businessman cum politician and who runs what I hear is the biggest car hire company in the city.

Other than the DCI who are investigating Okoth Obado over the death of Sharon Otieno, and who have concluded that they have enough evidence to take him to trial, the EACC are also now on Obado’s neck. I can confirm that if the court grants his bail application on Monday, the EACC will arrest him as soon as he steps out of the court-room.

Okoth Obado is done. He used to brag that he knows William Ruto and police spokesman Charles Owino and that he is untouchable. His call to Ruto are not even answered today. He met Mama Ida last week at her Karen Residence, and went down on his knees while crying like a child and begging for Jakom to intervene on his behalf. Jakom just laughed.

Simply put, Obado is done! Amekwisha kabisa!


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