What DP Ruto Told Mahindi Choma ‘Body Guard’ after Paying Sh2,000 for one Maize

What DP Ruto Told Mahindi Choma ‘Body Guard’ after Paying Sh2,000 for one Maize

When Joseph Mutua alias Deejay Young hit became an online sensation and branded Deputy President William Ruto’s body guard, he was dumb founded.

Online know it all had claimed that he was DP Ruto’s security aide who was pretending to be a maize vendor in Kwa maiko market, Githunguri in Kiambu County.

The razzmatazz was spruced up by the fact that as a maize vendor, a walkie talkie aerial was protruding from his pocket.

On Friday June 22 and during Ruto’s visit in Githunguri, a tall Mutua was roasting maize and minding his own business when he saw a convoy of vehicles protected by security guards coming towards where he was standing.

Mutua would hear a voice. “Kijana hii mahindi choma unauzaje! (Young man, how much does the maize go for?)”

He was shocked when he saw the Deputy President coming out of his car and knowing he is reputed to have a strong appetite of roasted maize, he was purred with satisfaction that it was his d-day.

Mutua a father of one, who now appears like a celebrity and an undercover cop in the busy market, revealed that deputy president bought mahindi choma for Sh2, 000.

“I was mesmerized when hustler came to my business premise and the first thing he asked me was if I had ‘ile kitu ya kupaka mahindi’ and I replied yes sir. He then asked how much I was charging for the mahindi choma and I told him to eat first, we will talk later.

He told the NAIROBIAN that Ruto left and later sent his bodyguard to bring me the little gift and when I opened it I found sh.2, 000”, Mutua says, adding that Ruto’s visit has boosted his mahindi choma business because customers are thronging into his workplace calling him the anointed one.

“I don’t know how people came up with those kinds of stories that I was one of his security aide. Maybe it’s because of my height and mode of dressing. I love being smart because I sell food.

“What was in my pocket was a nail not a walkie talkie. I had heard rumours that Ruto was going to pass by the previous day so I had to look smart. The only thing he told me was to work hard, pray and never lose hope because he was also a hawker before joining politics” said Mutua.

The 35 year old who used to translate movies in Kayole and Limuru wishes that the DP could only help him set up a movie house.

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