‘We Will Kill You one by One,’ Homosexuals in Kakuma Refugee Camp Warned


Gays and lesbians living in Kakuma camp are in fear after unknown people posted notes around the camp asking them to vacate the camp immediately.

The LGBT refugees were asked to vacate the camp or else be killed one by one

“This is to inform all men and women (gays) living in Kakauma Zone 1, Block 1, whatever you have been doing has to come to an end. We have kept quiet for sometime. You must leave the camp because you have spoiled our religion and children. If you don’t leave the camp, we are going to kill you one by one and we mean it. Enough is enough,” read the warning.

This came just a day after the minority community held a LGBT pride festival in the camp which is the first of its kind in history.

The event which was showcased on SABC Digital News featured various activities including sporting activities, lip-synced performances and runway modeling.

“”People are so in the closet, they don’t want to show up for security reasons and protecting reasons, so when I say the voice of the voiceless, I mean we have come out to create awareness to tell people that we are of no harm and we are human beings,” said one of the gay people who came out to participate in the festival.

Kakuma camp which plays home to over 185,000 refugees is also a safe haven for over 200 members of the LGBT community with many of them having fled from neighboring Uganda following victimization.

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