‘Wanjiku’ Auctioneer Hon Mbadi Embarrassed, Fails To Join Uhuru Signing 8% VAT Bill at Statehouse

'Wanjiku' Auctioneer Hon Mbadi Embarrassed, Fails To Join Uhuru Signing 8% VAT Bill at Statehouse

President Uhuru just signed the Finance Bill 2018 into Law, the bill introduced 8% VAT tax on fuel among many other taxes that including Mpesa transfer costs/Mobile cash transfers, Bank transfers, Kerosine tax, housing etc that will see skyrocketing of cost of living.

Hon Mbadi and the entire ODM party leadership are under fire for abandoning Wanjiku for 30 pieces of silver to support Uhuru’s punitive taxes.

At the event in statehouse, Hon Mbadi, Hon Junet and party leader Raila Odinga were missing in action in what many pundits interpret to be the most embarrassing moment for thje party that champions social democracy.

The bill was rigged through parliament as speaker Justin Muturi used crooked means to have it passed in a session that saw a dozen pro Uhuru MPs walk out of parliament to cause a quorum hitch.

Meanwhile Hon Jim Bonnie has hit out at party bloggers who are abusing elected leaders that opposed the 8% VAT bill or the Finance Bill 2018. check his hard hitting post:

Former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar Sarai once told us of brainless “bloggers” who get Sh2,027 (na ya kutoa) weekly bribes to defend even the silliest of the so called party positions. You can see them on the prowl, the guns for hire, waxing lyrical defending the 8% VAT after being given free food and alcohol with a promise of free lifts to political events. The worst you can do now is to argue with them, them who’ve nothing to show for the decades they’ve mindlessly supported the party except begging bowls and selfies taken with cheap phones. They even have the temerity to threaten and cajole elected leaders. Handle them man to man but don’t try put sense in them, because part of their brain responsible for intellectual thought is filled with human waste. I tell you, they can easily kill their mothers for handouts.


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