Vihiga Woman Representative Offers to Help Broke, Single Men in Her County


Vihiga Woman Representative Beatrice Adagala has asked men from her county who are unable to raise dowry to see her as she is tired of men preying on young girls.

She attributed cases of rape and defilement to some men being lonely, and others lacking the skills to court women properly.

Adagala summoned such men promising that they would find a solution together.

“I don’t want men in Vihiga County to continue pouncing on my young girls. If they cannot marry, maybe because of lack of money to pay dowry, let them come and talk to me. As a mother, I will understand.

“Those who have no expertise in courting partners should be open and tell us their problem. We can help them to overcome such fears,” she stated.


She urged men to take up her offer before they were arrested for sexual offences and shift the blame to alcohol or the devil.

“Most of those involved often blame alcohol and the devil,” she stated.

Adagala vowed to see to it that men found guilty of sexual assault suffer heavy consequences.

“For such men, we shall liaise with various state organs to ensure they remain behind bars for many years possible,” she noted.

Adagala advised parents to educate their children and ensure there are not lured into sex traps.

In additon, she asked married women not to frustrate their husbands without reason as this would lead them to engage in potentially harmful extra-marital affairs.






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