Unruly Matatu Hits Police Car in Nairobi & Flees [VIDEO]

Unruly Matatu Hits Police Car in Nairobi & Flees [VIDEO]

On Sunday, Kenyans using Moi Avenue in Nairobi were stunned after a matatu hit a police patrol car and fled the scene.

The pimped matatu rammed the government vehicle destroying the rear bumper and boot in an apparent road rage before fleeing the scene.

The PSV named TY Dollar, belongs to the NAWASAKU Sacco which operate on the Kahawa-Kenyatta University route along Thika Superhighway.

It reversed on the wrong side of the road and rammed into a police car parked on the side of the road.

On realizing his mishap, the matatu driver fled the scene even with teens hanging precariously from the window and the door.

3 officers inside the car reacted by lobbing tear gas canisters at the rowdy youths.

The matatu sped off towards University Way, some of the youths scampered for safety across the road and into Jevanjee Gardens.

This incident was as aresult of a street competition between matatu routes with the best graffiti, LED screens, WIFI, superb music systems and interior decorations.

Drivers took up the chance to flaunt their skills while honking and attempting risky stunt on the road filled with excited youths.

A  lone police officer, who was busy controlling traffic, was greatly overwhelmed by the surging number of rowdy youths and unruly vehicles on the busy street.



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