Under Uhuru The Country Is Undergoing A Moment Of Madness To Be Followed Sadness, Looting Continues


Nowadays it is hard to comment much about the budget. Most of it is just works of fiction. The bloated spending targets are nothing but a looting licence.

Remember the first step in looting is “kutenga”, followed by “kutender” and finally “kula nyama” wananchi wakimeza mate.

It is tragic that even the president boycotts the budget and no one sees an issue in that.

Even the media used to analyse the budget for days but nowadays the heap of lies is analysed and forgotten in hours.

What is happening in the country’s fiscal space is a moment of madness which will result in years of sadness. The good days are behind us.

There was little excitement in the air regarding last week’s budget estimates.

In its latest financial statements the government says it has collected tax revenues of KShs 1 trillion for the ten months to 30th April 2018.

How then does the same government present a budget of KShs 3 trillion?

While extra revenue is to be obtained from tax increases there is no guarantee that will materialise.

These bloated unrealistic budgets are designed to facilitate wastage and looting. It is about time we stopped these silly games.

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