UN Secretary General Appoints Nanjira Sambuli to High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

UN Secretary General Appoints Nanjira Sambuli to High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed a Kenyan to the United Nation’s high commission.

Nanjira Sambuli, a Nairobi based researcher, political analyst and advocacy strategist has been appointed to the newly formed High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation.

The panel will be co-chaired by philanthropist Melinda Gates and business mogul Jack Ma.


“I am stoked to have been requested by UN’s Secretary General Antonio Guterres to serve on the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. Looking forward to working with the co-chairs Melinda gates and Jack Ma, along with other eminent panelists on this,” she commented on the appointment.

Currently, Sambili is the Digital Equality Advisory Manager at the World Web foundation.

She spearheads the promotion of digital equality access to and use of the web, with a specific focus on women’s online work rights.

She is also a member of UK Citizens Online Democracy (mySociety), DFID’s Digital advisory panel and a board member at IRIN news.

In the past, she worked for ihub in Nairobi where she was tasked with providing strategic guidance for growth of technology innovation research in the East African region.

She also served as a deputy on the United Nation High-Level panel for Women’s Economic Empowerment.


The board was formed with an aim to strengthen the cooperation between governments, civil sectors, private bodies, academic communities and other stakeholders.

It is also tasked with creating awareness about the transformative effects of digital technologies.

The team is also expected to contribute to ensuring a safe digital future for all.

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