Uhuru’s Mistake That Might Cost Him Everything – Mutahi Ngunyi


Political analyst Professor Mutahi Ngunyi on Sunday warned of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mistake in the fight against corruption that could cost him everything including his presidency.

In his weekly show the Fifth Estate, the Prof and his team from the Fort Hall School of Government stated that the president was exhibiting impatience in the war on graft leading to miscalculated steps that would be used against him.

“A priest would have told him not to use a lie detector test. If it is used on procurement officers, the public will demand it is used on him and his deputy as they do the lifestyle audit.

“It will not be done on current corruption, it will be done on historical corruption from independence to date and that is not good.


“Someone has set up Uhuru for failure and impeachment could be the next step,” Prof Ngunyi conveyed.

He added that the Head of State was adopting the wrong measure in tackling graft in the country diluting efforts made to curb the menace.

“If Uhuru had an honest priest this Sunday, he would have told him that in public affairs it is better to be right than righteous. To be righteous means taking a holier than thou attitude and this is the unfortunate path that Uhuru has chosen.

“Instead of leading the nation he is being led by the nation because he is impatient on this war on corruption. Which is why it has degenerated to mob justice,” he explained.

The team noted that in the past five years, 99.1 percent of  Uhuru’s budget was put to good use with only 0.9 percent lost to corruption.

“Out of the Ksh3 trillion budget, only Ksh28 billion was lost via corruption. The president should spend 99.1% of his time focussing on the big four and only 0.9% chasing corruption – not the reverse. He will only drive away corruption using the truth,” the analysts maintained.


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